Treats at the Boutique provides the highest quality of freshly handmade treats. Our high standards demand that we only use the finest

ingredients - fresh jumbo Granny Smith Apples, decadent homemade caramel, premium nuts, and only premium chocolates - to create a truly unique and memorable gift.


Treats at the Boutique started as a home base business, but now has expanded to a commercial kitchen and its very own Food Truck to continue to provide excellent service. Today, Treats at the Boutique is continually adding more delicious treats to our menu. We coined the phrase, "let us pamper your palate". Our treats are irresistible and is packaged with exquisite presentation. Whether your purchase is to satisfy your personal tastebuds, or as a delectable gift for family or friends, Treats at the Boutique is sure to provide the absolute best quality treats. WE GUARANTEE FRESHNESS!